Freelance Visual Artist based in Dublin.

These artworks are a culmination of the things I see, the  people I meet, the paths I cross, and the never-ending stories we tell. All works are therefore in an ever-growing and ever-changing state.
My personal photography projects from the last two years have been mainly shot on a 35mm film camera. Analogue photography is a welcome challenge and has become my preferred medium of documenting life and expressing myself.

About two years ago I have started to specialise in event/music photography and videography.

The venues I regularly work(ed) with include:
Sun Studios, Dublin (2018-19)
McGettigan's, Dublin (2018)
Button Factory, Dublin (2016-19)
Crowbar (CrowClub), Dublin (2017)

To get in touch, feel free to contact me by email or follow me on instagram.

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