Linn Hansen Photography

Linn Hansen is a German freelance artist and writer based in Dublin.

Rest assured, she has received a formal education in the visual arts and now spends her time mainly (and unevenly divided) between film editing, photography and a novel in the making.
While she loves writing, she finds nothing worse than having to write about herself (especially in the third person), so here is a quote that in many ways sums up what one might call that indefinable third part arising within the equation of artist + subject, of human + world, an equation of 1 + 1 + x.

"I have scars on my hand from touching certain people. Once, in the park, when Franny was still in the carriage, I put my hand on the downy pate of her head and left it there too long. Another time, at Loew's Seventy-second Street, with Zooey during a spooky movie. He was about six or seven, and he went under the seat to avoid watching a scary scene. I put my hand on his head. Certain heads, certain colors and textures of human hair leave permanent marks on me. Other things, too. Charlotte once ran away from me, outside the studio, and I grabbed her dress to stop her, to keep her near me. A yellow cotton dress I loved because it was too long for her. I still have a lemon-yellow mark on the palm of my right hand."
J.D. Salinger Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters/Seymour: An Introduction

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